Developing a Tourist Hub in Pink City square

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dc.contributor.advisor Trambadia, Poonam Shah, Kshitika 2021-12-09T05:22:56Z 2021-12-09T05:22:56Z 2021-07
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dc.description.abstract The culture and lifestyle of people plays an important role in Architecture. It is observed that the Identity of each place varies from place to place is mostly due to Lifestyle, Culture and topography. Changing the cultural and social attitudes in communities has the greatest impact on architecture. The Culture affects the identity of a Place or city and vice versa the traditional architecture reflects the culture of Place or city.i Therefore, the role of culture in promoting architectural identity seems essential (Ettehad, December 2014) .The Culture, Lifestyle and Architecture are interrelated even if one changes over a period of time it will affect the remaining. For example Culture defines way of living which developed through Knowledge, skills and religion or a community and if any of it varies due to some factors like urbanisation it can affect the characteristic of architecture of that region.In a fast growing world where this identity is slowly declining due to urge of living in a contemporary and affects the social-cultural values can change the characteristic of architecture over a period of time. Thus the traditional characteristics of Architecture are declining. Everything we design is in response to the specific climate and culture of a particular place. As an architect Design for the present, with the awareness of past, for a future which is essentially unknown ~ Norman Foster The Tourist Hub can be a reflection of Culture and Architecture .This project will Emphasis on Tourism culture and showing that architecture language can be an outcome of social and cultural values. India has been known for varied culture diversity and one of which is distinct is Rajasthan. Rajasthan has a rich heritage of its Art Culture & Architecture. It is renowned for its Palaces, forts, Havellis, Sculptures, Art, Crafts and Other intangible aspects which is still integrated in their culture. It is a state in which each city is distinct and has its own Characteristics. All these cities have rich cultural backgrounds. Jaipur is known for Heritage, Jaisalmer for its dunes while Jodhpur is known for its landscape. The most prominent among them is Jaipur on the basis of old heritage and in terms of development. Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan also known as Pink city. Jaipur is also known as Heritage City because of its rich heritage culture, customs, traditions, fairs and festivals, civilization, and hundreds of years old forts and monuments. It is famous for diversified traditional art and craft from Jewelry, textiles, handicrafts, foot wears, pottery to their traditional dance and music. (, n.d.) It is developed yet the culture heritage is very well preserved and the customs are still integrated in the roots of Jaipur. Thus, proposing a tourist Hub is intended to provide a platform for the people of Jaipur to enhance their art, craft, music, dance and architecture. en_US
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dc.title Developing a Tourist Hub in Pink City square en_US
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